Arbitration Courses

Arbitration Courses:

NPAC has a MoU with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, India to provide courses for training professionals to become arbitrators. In the last few years, a number of courses have been conducted at NPAC. NPAC has been a pioneer in bringing all the three levels of the CIArb course to India.

This internationally recognized course gives candidates an understanding of the principles, practices, and procedure of International Arbitration with emphasis on UNCITRAL Model Law and Arbitration & Conciliation (Amendment) Act, 2015 which is based on and incorporates the best practices in International Commercial Arbitration.

NPAC has been conducting the courses since 2010. NPAC – CIArb has successfully conducted 10 batches of Associate level course since 2010 with 205 participants, 3 batches of Member level Module I with 20 participants and 2 batches of Member Level Module II with 25 participants. The Fellow level course was launched in December 2015 with 21 participants. In March 2016 the Award Writing course was conducted with 14 candidates.

Course details are as follows:
1.  Introduction to Arbitration - Associate Level 1
2.  Member level - Module 1
3.  Accelerated Route to Membership Module 2
4.  Accelerated Route to Fellowship Module 3
5.  Award Writing