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Nani Palkhivala Arbitration Centre (NPAC), is a non profit Sec 25 company founded by Palkhivala Foundation.  It was started keeping in mind the growing burden on Indian courts and the inordinate delay disposal of litigation through court.

Nani Palkhivala Arbitration Centre (NPAC) is a non-profit company registered under the Companies Act 1956, with the aim of providing world class facilities to conduct arbitration proceedings and also to make it a centre of excellence in the matter of Institutional Arbitration. NPAC also provides advisory services relating to drafting and finalising arbitration agreements for Institutional Arbitration.

Dr. Durga Lakshmi

Dr. J. Durgalakshmi, our Registrar is a Doctorate holder with extensive experience in the field of education. She runs educational courses in arbitration, conducts seminars and conferences, raises visibility by speaking at meetings and meeting companies to explain what institutional arbitration can provide and how it can be of benefit.