Palkhivala Foundation

By Dr. Durga Lakshmi in Article

Palkhivala Foundation is a trust formed by a few like minded individuals in January 2003. The main objective is to conduct lectures by highly regarded individuals at the forefront of their respective fields and making these open to the public just as Mr. Nani Palkhivala’s famous budget speeches were. The lectures are held in Mr. Palkhivala’s memory.

Another aspect of the Foundations’ goals is Research. The areas of research include fiscal laws, Constitutional matters, general law and politics and economics.

The Palkhivala Foundation grants scholarship to deserving students in the field of education. The Palkhivala Centre for Constitutional Public Law has been set up by the Foundation – a joint that initiated with Madras University.

The Foundation also aims to donate a substantial sum towards educational institutions for the construction of class rooms.

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Dr. Durga Lakshmi

Dr. J. Durgalakshmi, our Registrar is a Doctorate holder with extensive experience in the field of education. She runs educational courses in arbitration, conducts seminars and conferences, raises visibility by speaking at meetings and meeting companies to explain what institutional arbitration can provide and how it can be of benefit.